About Customer Innovations, Inc.

Customer Innovations helps organizations influence the choices that customers make in areas where customer behavior is critical to business success:
  • Winning more sales opportunities by influencing customers' purchase choices
  • Retaining more customers by influencing customers' loyalty behavior
  • Improving profit by influencing how customers make price - value tradeoffs
  • Increasing revenue by influencing visit frequency and size of purchase
  • Improving customers' acceptance of changes in pricing, products and services
  • Driving word of mouth by influencing customer advocacy and story telling.
We recognize that it is not possible to influence what customers do without understanding why they behave the way they do.  Our proprietary approach, grounded in behavioral science and behavioral economics, helps clarify the complex interaction between what customers think, feel, and ultimately do, allowing you to design products, services, and experiences that resonate with and influence natural behavioral pathways. We've helped companies achieve bottom line improvements of 10-25% in the form of longer term relationships, incremental sales, reduced acquisition costs, positive word of mouth, higher price realization, and improved productivity of customer-facing operations.  Most of our work has been with organizations that deal with complex networks of "customers" including agents, distributors, brokers, retailers, and other influencers. Our Toolbox:
  • Behavioral Portraits. Generates deep insight that enables you to understand why different customers behave as they do and identifies the most important behavioral drivers for specific groups of customers.
  • Trigger Analysis. Surfaces how people perceive, interpret, and evaluate their experiences and identifies the specific customer interactions that elicit positive or negative behavioral responses.
  • Influence Strategies. Designs the product, service, and experience interventions needed to influence customer behavior and creates the mechanism for consistent delivery of those changes.
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