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CX Beyond BS – Transforming Business Performance

Mar 13, 2019 3:21pm

Leading industry analysts are reporting that the massive and growing investment in CX is not leading to any significant increase in overall business performance. How do you drive growth by transforming experiences beyond better sameness (B.S.)? This article outlines a …

The Dawn of Cognitive Experience Design

Jul 17, 2018 6:49pm

I have been watching and participating in the convergence of human-centered design and the cognitive and behavioral sciences for more than 30 years.  I am convinced this convergence will accelerate and lead to the emergence of a new field that could …

Pick Your Tools Wisely: Think Before Jumping on the Journey Mapping Bandwagon

Apr 15, 2016 9:57am

Recently journey mapping has emerged as a de facto standard approach for experience design efforts. It's critical to pick your tools wisely. They exert a powerful influence on your thinking and constrain the results you can achieve. Based on extensive work in this area, we've found that envisioning and designing experiences around "journeys" is only occasionally the right approach. You need to consider and pick the right metaphor before jumping on the journey mapping bandwagon.

Creating Influential Signature Experiences

Nov 19, 2015 11:40am

The experiences customers have with your products and services are the primary driver of business growth.  Most organizations today have some form of customer experience program underway.  The vast majority of these programs are attempling to keep up with rapidly …

Innovating at the Pace of Changing Customer Expectations

Feb 11, 2013 10:15am

Leading companies are embracing a more intentionally iterative, experimentation approach to market sensing, concept development and learning. Experimentation enables organizations to gather and exploit insight about successes and possibilities, to reduce cycle time, and to involve customers in the design process. This white paper highlights a few of the things we've learned about how to build the structure, capabilities and culture supporting effective experimentation.

Customer Experience: Beyond Better Sameness

Jan 07, 2013 8:47am

The experience customers have with your products and services are the primary driver of business growth. Unfortunately, its extraordinarily easy to make uneconomic investments in the enhancement of customer experiences. This white paper describes three things required to create highly profitable and competitively relevant experiences... that move beyond better sameness.

Engaging Customers in Product and Service Innovation

Nov 07, 2012 8:36am

Companies must transform the way they innovate. Today’s more knowledgeable and networked customers are ready to play a more active role in how companies conceive, develop, and deliver value. As a result, the old “plan and push” approaches are out; effectively engaging customers as collaborative design partners is in. This white paper outlines a process for engaging customers across the innovation lifecycle.

Optimizing Customer Intelligence Processes

Sep 05, 2012 4:29pm

Companies that sustain growth continually define and refine their market offerings and value proposition in response to changing customer expectations and behavior. This white paper explores how companies can effectively gather, use, and transform customer data and insights into actionable customer intelligence.

Seven Transitions for Marketing, Sales and Service

Jun 18, 2012 5:56pm

More than ever before, marketing, sales, and service processes are two-way streets. Customers decide when to listen, and they demand to be heard. They also control the timing and process of consumption, so companies must be able to meet customer …

Introduction to Design for Behavior – Whitepaper

Mar 29, 2012 9:51pm

Ultimately, an organization’s success is dependent on its ability to positively and profitably influence what customers do.     Influential design is rooted in deep behavioral insight.  You need to know what’s really important to people, the natural pathways they …