Behavioral Profiling: A Toolset for Influential Design

Feb 25, 2013 11:43am
Posted by: Frank Capek

The fortunes of any commercial enterprise are behaviorally determined. Ultimately, an organization’s financial success is dependent on the ability to positively and profitably influence what customers do.  This includes:

  • What customers buy and the ways they use the organization’s products
  • The frequency of purchases customers make on an expanding array of occasions
  • The rate with which customers adopt new product and service offerings
  • The channels through which customers access the organization’s services
  • Improving the success of independent distributors, integrators and franchisees
  • The positive stories and recommendations customers share with others

Many organizations also have complex challenges that go beyond purely commercial customer behavior.  For example:

  • Health care organizations that desire to influence the adherence to prescribed medications, along with a wide range of other health-related behaviors including: diagnostic testing, physical therapies, as well as changes in diet and physical activity.
  • Utilities and other public and private institutions interested in influencing sustainable behaviors including:  consumption and conservation of resources, transportation choices, as well as waste and environmental protection behaviors.

It is not possible to effectively influence what people do without understanding why they do it.  Over the past 25 years, we’ve had the chance to help a wide range of organizations design interventions that influence the behavior of customers and other important stakeholders.   In the course of this work, we’ve developed, applied and refined an approach called Design for Behavior (Design for Behavior Overview).  This approach employs rigorous tools, grounded in cognitive, affective and behavioral science, that surface how people’s experiences drive their behaviors.  These tools clearly highlight the product, service and experiential levers for influencing those behaviors.  The attached whitepaper titled, “Behavioral Profiling:  A Toolset for Influential Design” provides an overview of elements of that behavioral research and modeling toolset.

Whitepaper:  Behavioral Profiling Whitepaper


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