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Behavioral Profiling: A Toolset for Influential Design

Feb 25, 2013 11:43am

The fortunes of any commercial enterprise are behaviorally determined. Ultimately, an organization’s financial success is dependent on the ability to positively and profitably influence what customers do. This white paper describes a rigorous and comprehensive toolset, grounded in cognitive, affective and behavioral science, for surfacing how people’s experiences drive their behaviors and highlighting the product, service and experiential levers for influencing those behaviors.

Innovating at the Pace of Changing Customer Expectations

Feb 11, 2013 10:15am

Leading companies are embracing a more intentionally iterative, experimentation approach to market sensing, concept development and learning. Experimentation enables organizations to gather and exploit insight about successes and possibilities, to reduce cycle time, and to involve customers in the design process. This white paper highlights a few of the things we've learned about how to build the structure, capabilities and culture supporting effective experimentation.

Engaging Customers in Product and Service Innovation

Nov 07, 2012 8:36am

Companies must transform the way they innovate. Today’s more knowledgeable and networked customers are ready to play a more active role in how companies conceive, develop, and deliver value. As a result, the old “plan and push” approaches are out; effectively engaging customers as collaborative design partners is in. This white paper outlines a process for engaging customers across the innovation lifecycle.