• Design for Behavior: Our Three Step Process for Influencing Behaviors that Drive Measurable Results  

How We Do It

Customer Innovations follows a powerful, proprietary three-step approach that ensures products, services, and experiences are designed to positively and profitably influence behavior:

  1. 1

    Behavioral Outcomes

    Our first step is to define the specific behavioral outcomes essential for driving your desired business results. Product, service, and experience design are all about action. By changing the way people behave, both inside your organization and outside, we change your results. This may include specific behavioral changes for your customers, intermediaries, and influencers as well as the organization’s leaders and employees.

  2. 2

    Influence Profiles

    The second step in our process leverages Customer Innovations’ unique toolset for identifying, understanding, and articulating the specific triggers that will effectively influence the behaviors of your target audiences. This toolset is an integration of leading edge research in cognitive, affective, and behavioral sciences and has practical application in a wide range of business-focused design activities.

  3. 3

    Influence Playbook

    In the third step of our process, we deliver a comprehensive set of individual, social, and structural recommendations designed to generate the desired behavioral outcomes. In most cases, these strategies are designed collaboratively with members of your intended audiences. In all cases, our recommendations are carefully refined and rigorously tested prior to launch, helping to ensure ease and effectiveness of implementation.


"Customer Innovations stretched our understanding of what customers really wanted and how we could WOW them with products and services that were extremely simple and elegantly designed."

Doug Robinette, SVP Customer Experience, Leading Diversified Financial Services Company

From Inception to Implementation

Customer Innovations works through the entire design lifecycle with you. We have a carefully selected network of innovative technology and change-management partners to call upon when needed. We’re always happy to assist you with the integration, testing, and rollout of design improvements.