• Customer Innovations offers a unique "whole brain" integration of talents.  

Our Team

The Customer Innovations team offers a unique “whole brain” integration of talents, giving you unparalleled access to a powerful range of expertise. Our specialists have backgrounds in cognitive and behavioral science, creative design, business strategy, and change leadership. Together, we provide our clients with the balanced, holistic approach needed for successful design creation and implementation.

  • Strategy and Business Analytics

    Unlike many other creative design firms, Customer Innovations brings a practical appreciation and hands-on experience with business strategy, managerial finance, operations, and technical processes. After 25 years of creating and implementing design changes in organizations of all sizes and complexity, we understand what it takes to turn a concept into reality.

  • Cognitive & Behavioral Science

    Much of our work stems from groundbreaking research started at MIT in the early 1980s. The insights developed as part of this research, which focused on how experiences influence behavior, led to some of the earliest behavioral models in retail design. In the two decades since, Customer Innovations has refined a structured toolset for creating Influence Profiles that capture actionable insights into the various elements that influence behavior and inform influential design.

  • Creative Empathic Design

    Empathy is the ability to understand how other people think and feel, as well as the factors that influence their choices and actions. Customer Innovations’ approach relies on empathy in the design process through direct observation and projective techniques based on the cognitive and behavioral approaches outlined above. When appropriate, we use a structured approach to involve diverse audiences in a collaborative design process. Our projective techniques overcome the traditional traps associated with listening and responding to what people say they want.

  • Organizational Change Leadership

    Delivering a fundamentally different experience almost always involves changing deeply entrenched organizational behavior. Even some of the most creative design solutions are inconsistent with latent, unwritten rules that drive the reality of the business. Unlike many other design firms, Customer Innovations has extensive organizational change leadership expertise. We utilize an integrated approach to align the experience design process with customers and distributors, as well as management and employees.



Customer Innovations embraced our mission as their own... what resulted is a body of groundbreaking research into the behavioral roots of a firmly entrenched disease.


Brian Hendrickson, DMD, Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation