The Customer Experience Manifesto – Whitepaper

Mar 22, 2012 2:17pm
Posted by: Frank Capek

Seven questions senior executives should ask

about how to create experiences that drive

business results.

This whitepaper addresses the most commonly pressing questions executive leaders have about the role of customer experience in the business.

  1. Why should customer experience be a priority today?
  2. We invest a lot in customer programs - isn't that enough?
  3. How do we develop creative customer intelligence?
  4. How do we create an experience that accelerates profitable growth?
  5. How do we align our business to deliver a consistently outstanding experience?
  6. How do we create employee experiences to reinforce the intended customer experience?
  7. What should senior executives do to improve the customer experience?
Access the Customer Experience Manifesto here:  The Customer Experience Manifesto
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