• We help organizations innovate products, services and experiences that influence specific behaviors and drive the success of the business.  

What We Do: From Deep Insight to Influential Design

Investments in new products, services, and customer experiences only pay off when people do something different. Will customers return more frequently or on a wider range of occasions? Will they make additional purchases and adopt new offerings? Will they renew their relationship with you, select more efficient means of interacting, and encourage others to do business with you? Will agents, retailers, and other intermediaries actively promote your offerings and contribute to the profitable growth of your business?

Influential design is deeply rooted in customer behavior. You need to know what's really important to customers as well as the natural pathways they follow in using and engaging with your products and services. You need to understand the automatic, subconscious constructs they apply to make sense of, recall, and derive meaning from their experiences. You need to know how and why customers make rational and, more commonly, emotional, choices from a range of alternatives.

Customer Innovations has a uniquely structured approach to designing products, services, and experiences that positively and profitably influence behavior.

We help you understand, influence, and change how your customers think, feel and act.


Our Services

  • Accelerated Experience Strategy

    Accelerated Experience Strategy

    Generate a cohesive vision and comprehensive strategy to enable rapid design of customer and employee experiences based on agreed upon objectives.

  • Signature Experience Design

    Signature Experience Design

    Create meaningful, compelling differentiation to reposition or strengthen your brand, while also addressing global customer performance issues.

  • Design for Behavior

    Design for Behavior

    Influence high-priority behaviors for customers, intermediaries, and employees through strategically designed new products, service offerings, relationship structures, and experiences.

  • Experience Delivery Implementation

    Experience Delivery Implementation

    Ensure consistent delivery of your intended customer experience by aligning all business systems to support the design.

  • Influencing Organizational Behavior

    Influencing Organizational Behavior

    Design employee and leadership experiences, as well as experiences focused on agents, retailers, or other intermediaries to generate and reinforce the desired customer experience.

  • Collaborative Design and Development

    Collaborative Design and Development

    Tap into the wisdom of your customers with our collaborative approach to design and development of the products, services, and experiences your customers want.